Today is Thanksgiving. A beautiful day set aside to give God thanks for all he has done for us. A day where we can laugh with our family and friends, and share memories. It’s a day to show love and compassion. Well…… It should be anyway.

Instead, most people have chosen to complain about what they don’t have. Some people choose not to share this day with friends and family because of a grudge, or greed, or whatever it may be. Today, most people are more worried about Black Friday shopping than anything else. People killing people over a toy, or a television, or an Xbox. Families fighting to leave their meal early so they can go here and there.

I wish people would Wake up and appreciate all they have, and stop complaining about what they don’t have. God woke you and your family up today. He gave you a home. You have clothes on your back and food on the table. You were privaleged with a Bible.

Today, there are kids in the hospital who didn’t get to go home for Thanksgiving, there are veterans who didn’t get to come home on this special day. There are people on the streets who have no home at all, yet they are thankful that God has given them another day.

You are only as poor as you think you are. You can be a billionaire and be alone, nasty, and greedy, and on a fast track to hell. You can be as poor as dirt, not have a dime in your pocket, but the sweetest, gentlest, and be full of the Holy Ghost on the way to Heaven. That’s what makes you rich

So before you go and complain about what you want and don’t have, and wish was better, be thankful for what you do have. We are so rich.

God has blessed us today. Please realize what today is about.  Today is Thanksgiving. Thank God for all you have. Love those around you while you still have them. Love those you don’t even know. Be kind, and compassionate. Give thanks! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!