We all go through things. We have face life’s obstacles, and fight our own battles. What makes us an overcomer; however, is how we handle those tiring situations. Do we stand up and fight, or do we just give up and lose?

Those who fight, know that God is in control. God has a master plan. God isn’t going to give us a test that we cannot pass. We have to try at it though. Don’t look it at as “too hard” so I’ll just give up. Instead, look at it, realize it’s difficult, and understand, if you don’t pass this test you have been prepared for, you fail, and will have to take it again.

There’s a song called “The Potter Knows The Clay.” Jesus is the potter, and we are the clay. He knows exactly what we can and can’t handle. Don’t blame your problems on him. God has done SOOOO much for us! He went through the ultimate suffering! We often forget all he went through because he loves us!

“The Potter Knows The Clay”                  ~The Perrys

I know you are going through the fire.                                            Its getting hard to stand the heat.                                                 But even harder is the wondering Is                              God’s hand still on me.              Its lonely in the flames.      When you’re counting days of pain

But the Potter knows the clay How much pressure it can take How many times around the wheel.                                             ‘Til there’s submission to His will.                                                He’s planned a beautiful design But it’ll take some fire and time Its gonna be okay.                ‘Cause the Potter knows the clay

Friend I just came through that fireNot too very long ago               And looking back I can see why And that my God was in control But on the hottest days I’d cry Oh Lord, isn’t it about time

Trust him! Jesus loves you! Have a blessed day!