One of the biggest problems in today’s world, is the simple fact of LOVE People ignorantly toss the word around as if it has no meaning. They LOVE unimportant things, and people they shouldn’t fall in LOVE with.

LOVE isn’t knowing a person for an hour, or a week, or a month. LOVE isn’t your favorite playlist, or your new pair of heels. LOVE is not having an infinate number of posters on your wall of your favorite celebrity, someone you’ve never even seen in person, or had a conversation with.

LOVE is an expression, feeling, emotion, and Sacrifice for someone. When you LOVE someone, you put your thoughts and wants on the back burner. You care more about what they may need, like, etc. LOVE is willing to sacrifice it all, even willing to die for that person. You cannot buy LOVE with thoughtless, wasteful, man made, and shallow gifts. LOVE has already been paid for! No amount of money in this world, no fortune, could ever be enough!

Nothing else can pay for LOVE like JESUS did! He LOVES us! He payed the ultimate price! He gave the ultimate sacrifice! The King of all there is and is to come, came down from his thrown, and endured UGLY, AWFUL, APPALLING, UNSPEAKABLE, TORTUROUS Pain for us! For people who would fail him, and disobey him, and deny, and mock him!

WHY?!?!? Because JESUS LOVES his children! There has NEVER been, there will NEVER be any greater LOVE story! He was beaten, mocked, lied on, spit on, tortured, and nailed to an old rugged CROSS, and died because he LOVES his people! He LOVES us so much that he would endure that so we didn’t have to burn forever in a lake of firery torment!

But then, HE ROSE! HE IS RISEN! He is alive, and he is coming again! HE WILL FOREVER REIGN!!!!!


There will never EVER be enough words in any language to describe his LOVE for me and you!

The BEST thing I have EVER done is Falling in LOVE with JESUS!!