My Grandmamma was always the type of person that laughed. Just about everytime you saw her, she would be happy, or giggly about something. She never complained about what she had or didn’t have. She would buy us expensive things, and she would have some pretty worn out things. 
No matter the situation, or pain she was enduring, she was grateful. She was grateful for life. She was grateful for her family. She could always make me laugh when I was sad, or upset. Too many times, she wiped away my tears, when she had just wiped away her own.

My Grandmamma,died on March 25, 2010, at the age 51….. Our world was shattered.

Sorting through some of her things after she passed, trying to have great memory of her always, I was given, along with other things, her slippers. 

No these slippers are not cushioned very well, and they wasn’t expensive at all. These slippers had stains on them, and tears in them, but they were hers, and I cherish them. 

I soon learned that she bought those slippers for $1, because that’s all she could afford. She went without, and smiled through pain, for her love for us. 

Those slippers hold a very important lesson to me:

“Sacrifice is love, and love is sacrifice, and those who don’t mind sacrificing, really…… They really love.”

                                 ~Brooke David 

Today, 6 years later, I can still see her wear these slippers. They still smell like her. I hold close to my heart the love and memories we shared. Forever and always Grandmamma. Your little “Ella” loves you, and so does “Nookie Cookie!” ❤️👼🏼