At PEAK 2014; Thursday Morning, Bro. Mark Copeland preached a message that changed my life forever entitled, “The Scars Of Sin.” 

Bro. Copeland preached about how our sins effect us. He talked about a man who got out of Church and fell into sin. Later he got into Church, fell in love with a Holy Ghost filled women, and they had a baby. He got sick, and they drew some blood and he had AIDS……. 

His wife and his baby were affected they died over something he did in the past. Sure God forgave him! He repented. He was full of the Holy Ghost now, but he had a scar from sin! A scar that stuck with him! 

A man who was drunk got into a wreck with his little boy in the car with him. 

Years later, guests come over, looking at picture they say who’s that, and the man hangs his head in shame and hurt! It’s his son who is bound to a wheelchair, and is a vegetable, because he had a scar…….

Sin is awful! Scars are permanent, and yes! If you repent, with a truly sorry heart….. God will forgive you, but you’ll have a scar……… It’s not Gods fault. He didn’t make you sin. He forgave you and loved you with open arms, when you came crawling back for mercy. God loved us enough to die for us and rise again! He endured what he endured for us because he didn’t want us to go to hell!!!! 

Scars of Sin………….