Throughout my life I’ve always heard how my generation is a fallen generation, and how we are lazy. This is true about most of my generation. I am 17 years old. I was born 9-12-98. I was raised by my Holy Ghost filled momma, and was taught the one truth! I was taught manners, and respect. I was taught to help those in need, and don’t get me wrong. I am far from perfect, but by the grace of God, I do know my manners, etc. 

Today, I see my generation, whose first phones are now in a museum, and first toy was a rainbow bright, and favorite chair was a see through pink plastic recliner, whine over the newest iPhone, and throw fits over a hover board. 

My generation, who was so content with “Ouch” Bubble gum, pogs, view masters, and Polly pockets, are now literally killing others to get $300 pair of boots for $50 on Black Friday, tramping over their elders to look “cool,” and disrespecting thier teachers because they don’t want to be there.

What happened to respect your elders? What happened to shaking a vets hand in Walmart? What happened to holding the door for the old, the crippled, or even your loved one? What happened to picking up after yourself. 

Today, our generation stomps on theAmerican  Flag, changes the Values of America, our ancestors fought for! Like freedom of speech! Freedom of religion! Today, our generation has taken everything and made it, “only if your not Christian.” Freedom for you unless your a Christian. 

This is what is wrong with our generation. 

The homosexual, and the muslim don’t have to serve a Christian, but a Christian better serve a homosexual or a muslim, or they will lose their job, be sent to jail! They will be mocked, persecuted,killed, abused, etc. Our generation allowing strange men to use the bathroom with little girls, because that’s what they “self identify” with! 

The more I think about it, it’s not just my generation, it’s Today’s population! My generation didn’t pick up bad manners out the womb, No! They watched other people. The problem in this world today, is all of the population. 90 year olds being busted for prostitution, and stealing. 60 year olds robbing banks, and killing people, along with the 40 year old who abuse thier rights, and persecute others. The 20 year old who drink and drive, and kill, along with the teenagers, who sell themselves and drop out of school to join gangs. The children, Yes Children! Being taught to cuss, smoke, steal, cheat, and lie. 

We are in the last days, and people need to wake up and understand that he’s coming! God is coming quickly! We need to start, not just my generation, but the population, to hold more doors, and shake more hands. We need to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and remember which side your Right hand goes on while doing so! We need to support our troops, and support, and pray for Israel daily! 

The few in today’s population that have the Holy Ghost, and are in Gods will, and do sustain the basic manners, rise up! Come on Pentecostal Chilren of God! Go out and reach the lost! Preach the gospel! Be a soul winner! Show others Gods love! Let them see him through you!