In today’s society, poor is a simple word to describe people who don’t have money, or more expensive luxuries. You walk around the grocery store and you see all kinds of people. You see old people, and young people. You see Black people, White people, Mexican people, Chinese people, etc. You see the people with an MK purse on their arm, and an Apple Watch clinging to thier wrist, fully accompanied by high dollar attire, and then you see the people with the only pair of shoes they own that have holes in them, and stained t-shirts, walking with the loose chain jingling in their pockets. 

We smile and wave at the people dressed nicely and grimace at those who don’t have expensive things. 

So who do we call rich? Who do we call poor? Well, automatically, we label the women with an MK purse, and Apple Watch “rich,” and label the man with stained clothing “poor.” 

Although society may agree the term “poor” means less fortunate, and the term “rich” means more fortunate, society, as always, is wrong. Poor means someone who isn’t happy. Poor means someone unblessed. Poor means not having happiness. 

No matter how much money is in your bank account, you can be rich! Rich means being blessed! Rich means being happy! To the women with more expensive things, and to the man with less expensive things, you are both rich! It doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars, or no money at all! God woke you up this morning! It’s completely up to you to decide whether your “rich,” or whether your “poor.” 

There’s some people with more luxurious things who give with all their heart and love people and help others, and thanks God for the blessings they have. They are rich! 

There are people who has nothing but the shirt on their backs, and take it off and give it to someone else with a smile on their face! They are rich!

The people who complain about not having the newest phone and those who always have a complaint, are poor! 

See, “poor,” and “rich,” are simply attitudes. Determining whether your poor or rich is based on how you act, and look at life! 

Wake up knowing that you are blessed. Wake up and see that God gave you another day! He breathed life into you. If your body is well, be thankful! If you have clothes at all, cherish that blessing. If your belly is full, praise him for it! Stay in Gods will and know the truth, because that’s the greatest blessing of all!

I am rich! I may not have a lot of money, but I have a loving family! I have the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost! I have an education. I have clothes on my back and food on my table. I have a roof over my head. I know the truth and I live it! I am so rich! I have the hope of Heaven! I’m rich! 

No matter who you are or where you come from, you are rich! Black, White, old,or young, were rich! 

Turn the negative things in your life into positives. There’s something to be happy about and smile about each day! We’re all rich, we just have to think so too! You determine whether your rich or poor!