With all the recent Controversy over Sterling, and all this black lives matter uproar, I think we’ve seem to have forgotten that all lives matter. Not just black people, not Just white people, not just yellow, or red people. All lives matter. Red and yellow, black and white we are precious in his sight! 🎶❤️🙌🏼Each of us has a soul. Each of us are supposed to follow Gods will and live for him and love him and one another! This situation was horrible! It was awful that he lost his life. It was horrible he lost his life in those circumstances that he shouldn’t have put himself in. It was awful that officer had to do what he did to defend himself and others. It is devastating more lives were lost in riots, and protests! It’s sickening! It’s disturbing! It’s gruesome to hear about people getting together to kill our police officers! Men and women who wake up everyday and face horrible battles they shouldn’t have to face, but they do it to protect us. To protect the very people who want to kill them! People wanting to target specific races in general. It’s so sad! Sterling shouldn’t have been in that situation, and shouldn’t have tried to pull a gun on them. This situation is completely devastating. For all who has lost their life in this, it’s heartbreaking! Instead of fighting and pulling a race card, we need to come together, and pray. This world is getting worse by the day. It’s the end times and it’s truly showing more and more. Let’s pray for our officers. Pray for our country, other countries. Pray for lost souls! Reach the lost. Let’s please use our intelligence and understand all lives matter because Jesus gave ALL lives a purpose! Instead of trying to kill people you don’t agree with, let’s pray for people. Let’s show people Gods love! Let’s love everyone. Just a thought for the day!  Love y’all! God bless!  🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️💛👱🏿👱🏻 #redandyellowblackandwhite #alllivesmatter #pray #letspray #allarepreciousinhissight