The Sky is dark, Yet ever so bright. The stars shine in Gods delight. Though time is scarce it’s time for thinking. Before you know it night will be as swift as your blinking.

Time is fast. Time is swift. Time is something you don’t want to miss. Cause once it’s gone, you won’t get it back. Once it’s gone you better hope your on the right track…..

Keep telling yourself your only thinking. Your only lying to yourself and continually shrinking. 

The end time is near. The end time is here, and I hope the time doesn’t come…. When your still thinking. 

Because if your thinking about giving up and your thinking about Church and just not showing up, you’ll be greatly saddened! Oh such dispair! 

Oh God help me!!! Why am I here….

Why am I here and not with you and the Angels? I missed the rapture? Oh….. It was far from a fable.

My pastor preached to me, my parents taught it to me, my friends warned me, and my siblings prayed for me…

How did this happen?? I want to go back!! How did this happen? How did I get off the right track? 

Oh God….. Save me!! I’m sorry for a lack of trying. I was super off on my timing.

Maybe if I close my eyes snd hope for the best the rapture wouldn’t have really just happened and I’m not really in this big mess!

I thought it was a while away. I just wanted to go play! My compromising got me In a hole, and now I’m stuck…. And it’s my new home. 

I thought I had time. I was only thinking! I thought I had time, but you knew my intentions.

But….. I thought I had time….

I would have came back. I promise I would, but I know I should have stayed where I already should!

Have you no mercy? Oh what am I thinking!! This isn’t your fault! It’s only mine…. For thinking….

We both know I wasn’t only thinking. We both know my heart was racing…

To backslide as fast as I could. To leave my blessed life… For what? To go live in the hood?……

Oh!! Why am I so stupid? Why am I so dumb? 

I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to run my own life, but now I’m lying here sucking my thumb..

As if I were a baby!! I wish I was because babies are in Heaven& they didn’t have to worry with time! 

I should have worried more! I should have preserved my time and used it wisely! Oh how I wasted it….

Now I know what’s next… Oh God help me!!!!

I thought I had enough time! 

If only I had another hour. If only I had another minute….

I wouldn’t be thinking….. I’d be repenting! 

Oh save me from this!! 

Help!!!! Help me!!! I’m so scared!! I’m terrified! I’m so horrified!! I’m out of time& this is my doom……

The sand fell to the bottom. The last grain found its way..

Oh time has slipped away from me… But I mean…… 

I guess my thoughts were louder than a trumpets call.

I guess my worldly desires companies well with my final fall…

But I mean of course this is all satan wanted! Right?? He wanted to get in my brain, waste my time, tell me this is all a game! How dumb can I be? 

He’s the father of all lies, how could I believe him to the point where I die? 

Oh time is precious! I should have preserved it Well. Time is precious. Why am I stuck in this cell….. 

I knew the truth! I used to live the way! How did this happen? Why did I start? 

Every message, every cry, every prayer…. Is floating freely in my mind.

I wanted time to think… Well now I’ve got it!! 

I went from no more time to all the time…. Stuck here thinking….

Thinking about all the rallies, conferences, camps I attended.

I went to them excited. Nah… I only pretended…..

I hear and see a mothers plea! Oh God please help me!! 

The pain is unimaginable. I’m speechless at best…….. 

I’ll spend all of this horrid time wallowing in my man made mess! 

Oh………. I really thought I had enough time!