The depth of this statement is so much more than five short words combined into a sentence. From the very first word, we understand that not just me, you, your pastor, your friend, but “WE” CAN. See it doesn’t say can’t. If we couldn’t then God wouldn’t have created us. We CAN Change. Change is a word this is not appreciated enough, because when something changes it takes a complete 360, and it is different than the way it was before. It’s not like it used to be. We CAN Change The. Now of course “The” is a simple word, we often ignore, and simply place in a sentence to make it sound correct, but without the word “The” we might have gotten confused and said “some of the”, or “most of the”, world. However, the word is being used singular, so we know that we CAN Change ALL of the world. Not just some of it. We have the power to change all of it, and don’t believe you can’t, because you CAN do anything the Lord allows! We CAN Change the WORLD. The World is a vast word. The World isn’t just a small town. It isn’t implying just your cousin, or your backslidden friends. It is implying that YOU CAN Change the entire World. Go out of your comfort and reach as many people as you can. Remember to allow God to speak through you, because your words WILL surely fail you. More of him and less of us. Don’t let anyone tell you that you CANT, because you CAN! You was put on this Earth for a reason. You wasn’t created just to add to the total population count in your city! Your more than a number, and once you understand your ability and how important you are to the Kingdom of God, you will spread your wings and soar! Trust in him! Don’t give up. You are important! You have purpose!