We really never know someone’s story. We make accusations on someone based solely on appearance, and rumors. We think that just because we sat down with a “reliable” source, and found out all about the character of the hour’s life story, that we know them. We think we have the right to judge them. 

As Christians, we are supposed to be examples of Christ. We’re supposed to show his love. 

The very people you walk past in a restaurant after Church Sunday, are the very people who need God in their life. 

Your hair is rolled to perfection. Each pin was placed with care. In your freshly ironed clothes, and your brand new heels, you walk by them like your better than them. 

You look at the single mom with piercings, and tattoos, and you judge them. Your sin is just as bad as theirs in Gods eyes. 

While you quickly forget their existence, God is saddened. That single mom needed you to tell her about to Love of God. That pregnant teenager needed you to give her a ride to Church. That man outside with holes in his clothes doesn’t need you to stare at him. How bout help him! Your but a sinner too. 

Go out and reach the lost. There are dying and starving souls in need of salvation! Your not the only one who deserves to be saved! This is for everyone. 

Go out of your comfort zone. If you get spit on, or vulgar words throne at you, brush the dust off your feet, and go on to the next one. Do your part. 

Be a soul winner! You were once where they are now. Don’t you ever forget it either. 

Go out and reach the lost. Stop staying in your comfort zones! Get out the box! 

Help someone in need of you can. Whether it be a $1 burger, or a $10 pair of shoes. But if you don’t give them anything at all, give them a Bible Study. Give them a Church card. Get them a ride to Church. 

Let’s be soul winners.