I find my inspiration for this from a notorious preacher/ evangelist, Bro. Cody Marks. He recently visited our Church, and when he did, he preached an amazing sermon. I’m going to try to briefly describe what he preached about. Some things may be added from my thoughts, and taken away simply from lack of perfect memory. As Geoffrey Chaucer put it,

He who repeats a tale after a man, Is bound to say as nearly as he can, Each single word, if he remembers it……

We’ve all been through awful things. Some of us have really been through it. It seems everytime were “okay” again, it all come crashing down upon us. 

Some of us have been or is depressed. Some of us have been mentally and/or physically abused. Some of us have been through just a lot…..

We now have a choice to make.

Are we gonna lay down and die, and be defeated? Or Are we going to stand up, fight, and be overcomers? 

All these horrible things we’ve endured have not been in vain. If you overcome the things you’ve been through, you will grow to be a better person! I am who I am today because I took the bad things that happend to me, became stronger, and grew closer to God. 

We have to grow where we’ve been planted. Plants go through this thing called the “Scarification Process.” Without it, it cannot grow properly! 

We have scars, but a scar is a reminder that we went through something and are healed from it!! 

Grow where you have been planted! Like a flower in a sidewalk, best the odds, and grow!!