As Christians, we are often asked a question that puzzles even us. “How do you know God is real?” We; of course, believe in him, and we know that faith doesn’t requiring sight. However; that isn’t a good enough answer for most people. So, if someone is reading this, and wants to know the answer to the question above, then please continue to read further. 

Pretend with me for just a moment, that your a blind man. You are in the busy streets of NYC, and all you have is a cane. You tap at the ground fervently to find the sidewalk. 

*Tap… Tap…. Tap…. 

You finally find the sidewalk. You take a small step, and you’ve crossed from one point to another. 

You couldn’t see the cane. You couldn’t see the sidewalk, but you felt it’s presence. You heard tap against the edge of it. 

Pretend with me for just a moment, that you are a blind little girl. It’s Christmas night and your hungry. Your learning to eat your food clockwise. Now with a fork in your hand, and a memory of where the food is, you dive for the plate and take a bite.

You can’t see your food! Does that mean it doesn’t exist? NO! You smelled it. You tasted it! You heard the crunch of it in your mouth. You felt it against your cheeks! 

Just because you can see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! 

If that were the case…. then perhaps your brain doesn’t exist………….