Happy New Year! 2017 has finally arrived. A New Year also means…….*drumroll*…… New Years Resolutions. Pretty much a list of things some of us has been trying to accomplish since 2001. I know I know! You really are trying this year! I get it. I’ve been trying to lose 50 lbs. on my New Years Resolutions for the past 3 years too. Following through with them is really hard, but have you stopped and asked yourself why they are really hard? I mean there’s obviously a reason. I think as humans we automatically set high goals for ourselves to reach. We all want to be fit, wealthy, and popular, but what if we set different goals for ourselves?

I mean stop trying to be like celebrities, and social media stars, and maybe worry about important stuff. Here’s a great goal to have: Get your diploma this year, or maybe get straight A’s! The number of followers you have on Instagram doesn’t effect anyones life for the better. Its Instagram…..

Instead of trying to win the lottery…….. how about learn to manage and save money a little better. Help those in need when you can! The goals we set for ourselves are very important in defining who we are. If all your worried about is having the perfect body to get a million likes on social media, then you make yourself seem pretty petty, and careless.

Here’s some wonderful goals to add to your list:

  1. Grow closer to God

If you don’t have God In your life, your completely empty, and can never have happiness or purpose.

2. Get the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38)

Without it, you cannot go to Heaven. This is a very important goal! Obviously…

3. Be kind

If your not kind to others then how can you expect them to be kind in return?

4. Get healthy

Allll in moderation. Don’t over do the goals and say your gonna lose 20 lbs in a month. Try 5 lbs. a month.

5. Love yourself

God made you in his image and if your doing goal 4, do it for health reasons not because ou think your fat or ugly! God made you beautiful! You are fearfully and Wonderfully made!