You know how sometimes when you wake up for school, you are just like “UGH… I am not feeling this today.”? Your alarm clock didn’t go off, so your running behind, toothpaste trickled all down the front of your shirt, your hair is not corporating at all today! And to top it all off, when you finally arrive to school and go to your first period English 4 class, you suddenly remember you have a huge test…..

Wow. So what do we do when we have things like this? Normally we would say fail, go home, sleep and try and again tomorrow…. but we know that’s not the correct response lolz.

The rest of the day depends on you. If you walk around moping, and angry, and being rude to everyone, your probably going to have a bad day, but if you brush it off, say prayers, and try to make the best of your day, it could turn out to be a really great one! 

Life is what you make it. It can be good, or it can be bad. Now sure there’s going to be days when bad things happen. All you can do is pick yourself up, give God glory, and SMILE! 

Walk around that school like you own it….. but with an ownership of smiles…… in other words don’t let other snotty kids take over the school and ruin your day! Witness to someone. Tell them about Gods love! He’s good to us! Wake up, and SMILE!