Once again I cannot take credit for this title.  Bro. Jeff Dykes preached a message at PEAK 2k16 using this title. It was a phenomenal message.

Yesterday I wrote about being loved and wanted by God, and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Gods got great plans for us. Because of these facts, the devil is going to try everything in his power to deceive you and get you out of the will of God, so he can sift you as wheat. He wants nothing more than to get you in his grasp and take you as his. You are hells HVT. Your a High Valued Target.

Hell is watching your every move. The devil is waiting for you to get relaxed so he can pull the trigger. Pull the trigger of lies and worldly desires. He’s waiting for you to become relaxed in your walk with God. It’s what’s he’s best at! Don’t fool yourself either. He’s smart. He watches you and he knows your weak points. He knows what sets you off. 

Hell wants you more than anything. To torment you and kill you. As much as hell wants you, I have great news. Remember what I said. GOD wants you. God loves you! Your his baby! God got great plans for you. 

So if both sides are fighting for you, what do you do? It’s simple. Stay in Gods will. Pray, and worship God. Witness to others, and he an example of Gods love. The devil will try in all his power to win you but hold on! Keep living for God. Don’t get relaxed! Stay prayed up. Keep fighting. Don’t give into the devils commands. Don’t let his tricks trick you! God loves you. He wants you, but God is a gentlemen. He’s not going to force himself on anyone, and you have to remember your an HVT! So if you don’t make the decision to obey God and be in his presence and follow his wills and his ways, and you start compromising your faith and get relaxed… you will find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. 

Remember! Your an HVT. A High Valued Target. The devil wants you dead or alive. Chopped in half, or whole. He wants you, but when you decide to be in Gods will and submit to him, no matter what the devil throws your way… Gods got you. He loves you and your his baby. He died for you and rose again. Choose Jesus! 

Dear HVT….. stand strong for God. Stay in the truth. You have no business in the world. It has nothing to offer. Remember that Jesus loves you! He’s here for you and he’s got a great plan for your life. Don’t get relaxed in your walk with God HVT. Keep your eyes open and your heart of God! Have a great day!