As Holy Ghost filled young people, were at the age everyone keeps asking us questions like:

  • What college are you planning on going to?
  • What are planning on majoring in?
  • When are you going to find someone and get married?

Along with a thousand other questions that are racing through our minds, these are just a few. 

I know how it feels. Everyone has all eyes on you. Your expected to be like your mom or dad. After all they went to college for 7 years, got a couple degrees on the living room wall and are doing really nice, or maybe your a preachers kid, and the pressure is on for you to be perfect. Are you really supposed to be a preacher like your dad? 

Your expected to have a boyfriend or girlfriend by now. Your 18, and have never had a boyfriend?! And you smile nervously and answer,” no mam,” as they question you why not. 

Truth is you don’t know what you wanna do. You don’t know what you want to major in, and you don’t know who you want to marry. But the truth be told it’s not about what they want and shocker!! It’s not even about what you want!!

I know a lot of readers are fired up, holding the pitch forks, and ready to go “All Caps” on me, but before you do, just understand what I’m saying. 

God made each and every single human being for a purpose. None of us are a mistake. He created us with a plan. Some are supposed to be doctors, some cops, some nurses, teachers, preachers, preachers wives, etc. but God makes that call. If you do anything other than what he wants you to do, your getting out of his will. It’s dangerous when you get out of the will of God. He knows best for us. He has plans for us. 

The same goes for who your going to marry.  I don’t care if he’s the cutest boy in Pentecost, or if she’s the prettiest girl in the choir. Beauty is skin deep. It’s about what’s on the inside that counts, and more than anything, it’s about who God wants you to marry. Not who you or your friends want you to. God is the best match maker. We all have a soul mate. Let him hook you up.

I want to be in Gods will throughout every aspect of my life! He knows best. He has a plan for me just like he has a plan for you. Once you get the Holy Ghost, and get in Gods will, and give it all to him, you can stop stressing out. Give him your heart. Let him work in your life. Listen to his voice. Pray, fast, seek prayers and advice from the Holy Ghost filled pastor in your life. And news flash, before you give your attention and heart to a bf or gf, you need to give it to Jesus. Before falling in love with someone else, fall in love with Jesus and this truth and his word, and trust his will for your life. Let him match make you, and you’ll have the a fairytale love. 

God has the road map for your life, but if you don’t listen to him and follow his map”will” then you will make wrong turns, meet a lot of dead ends, and you’ll never get to the right destination. He knows best. Trust him and his will. 

🎶There’s a song that says,Take my hands Lord take my feet, Touch my heart Lord speak to me. If you can use anything Lord you can use me🙌🏼🎶

I want to be whatever God has planned for me. If that means being a missionary nurse then that’s what I want. If he wants you to be a preacher then accept the call! If he wants you to be a teacher then accept the call. Whatever he has planned for you, whatever he has called you to be, accept the call! He knows all. He’s got great plans for you. Trust His will, and stay in it. Keep praying, and give it to him. 

🎶I will be what you called me to be. I’ll say Yes! Lord I agree. My desire passionately is to be what you called me to be. That’s what I’ll be! 🎶